Darko Paric, PhD

Darko Paric is Consultant for Collaboration with Public Administration in Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET. He is responsible for coordination of CARNET affairs with public administration bodies. Also, he is responsible for preparation and implementation of CARNET’s strategic documents and projects in the area of information society and coordination and planning projects related to the improvement of the communication and information infrastructure toward the public administration bodies. He is working in project European project GEANT GN4 as task leader on service adoption task which is part of work package – WP4, Online Services Development and Delivery.
Darko received his PhD in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture – FESB of Split in 2018. During his work in CARNET he participated in many projects associated with network infrastructure, network services and network management solutions development. He was project leader of building CARNET’s optical infrastructure in the city of Split.
He was assistant of Minister of Administration, responsible for e-Croatia. During his work in public administration he was author and project leader of e-Citizen project, which is project which introduced virtual one-stop-shop in Croatian administration as a service for citizens. e-Citizen is virtual government in one place on the Internet, which covering portal for login of citizens, identification, authentication and authorization infrastructure and digital services from all public bodies from government. Also, he was author of the first law in Croatia regarding national government information infrastructure and sharing and owning data in public databases – Law of Government Information Infrastructure.
He worked as expert in twining projects and in EU funded projects on the field of IT technology and e-government area.
Project e-Citizen was declared as the best European eGovernment project at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit 2015. in Mexico City.