Veronica Bocarova

Principal Analyst, Cullen International, Belgium

• 20 years of professional experience in electronic communications and consumer protection regulation
• In charge of Cullen International’s regulatory training portfolio, designing and executing training programmes on electronic communications and digital economy regulation
• One of the lead authors for a study providing support for the European Commission 2016 review of the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications covering the areas of market entry, management of scarce resources and general consumer issues (SMART 2015/0003)
• Developed and executed capacity-building initiatives for policymakers and regulators across a wide range of countries, including Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Kosovo, Ukraine, Chile and Saudi Arabia
• Project Director for the European Commission projects “Supply of services in monitoring regulatory and market developments for electronic communications and information society services in Enlargement countries”, SMART 2010/009 (2011– 2014) and SMART 2007/0006 (2008 – 2011) covering Turkey and Western Balkan countries
• Manager of Cullen International’s CEE telecommunications services providing analysis of regulatory developments in 15 CEE countries (2002 – 2008)
• Before joining Cullen International, worked for Ericsson Business Consulting practice based in Stockholm
• Master of Science degree in International Economics and Finance from the Stockholm School of Economics